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No more Snaps, No More Wedgies. Look Fabulous All Day Long.

There are so many myths surrounding bodysuits, that it's time to debunk them. Here's what you should know about the TUXE Bodysuit:

  1.  We're not the traditional bodysuit from the 1980s. You won't feel like a ballerina or like a baby wearing a onesie.  Our bodywear will always make you feel put together, whether is for a business meeting, or a date.
  2. Our bodysuits do not have snaps, they have hook closures. This ensures that your shirt will always remain in its proper place and is much more comfortable than its traditional counterpart. 
  3. Whether you're strictly a career woman, or you change hats from manager-by-day to mom-by-night, you can finally move! Sit down, crouch away, lift those arms real high.You can do it all with our bodywear.
  4. Afraid that our bodysuits are too tight, making those few extra pounds more visible than ever? Don't be. Our bodysuits flatters the short, the tall, the skinny and the curvy. We pride ourselves on making sure that women of all shapes and sizes look absolutely wonderful. 
  5. Choose from Tall or regular fit, thong or full back- to find the shape that truly works for your body and your lifestyle.


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