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My Dear Customers,

My Dear Customers,

Why do some women seem to cruise and climb effortlessly while others flounder fruitlessly ? Why do some women set bold goals and accomplish them while others fall short of just getting by? These are things I often used to wonder about, but now see clear answers to.

I am honored to be writing this to you and cannot wait to hear your feedback.

Over the years, we’ve been on a journey  building this bodysuit brand, and through the ups and downs, you have been there for me and you have bolstered myself and my team with your constructive feedback, your support, and your shared vision.

I plan to expand our offering, and would like your opinion . After all, no-one knows what our customers want better than our customers.

While working together, we have learned that like us, you are ambitious women who love and take pride in your work.  You invest in your work wardrobe and expect a high level of performance from it.

We have learned that you share our feminist values. You share our frustrations in the challenges women face and share in our celebrations of progress.

Some of you may know that in addition to founding TUXE, I am a performance coach to individuals and brands. I have been asked to share my proven strategies for success through TUXE- and think this is a innovative and unique concept- but I want to run it by you first.

Our mission has always been to outfit you to face the world with confidence and in comfort, and I feel we would be remiss not to address how to do that from the inside as well. I would love to marry my two big passions: helping women look and feel their most stylish, comfortable, and emboldened, and coaxing out inner confidence and ambition with proven strategies and exercises. We know what a special, supportive and over-achieving community we have, but you don’t know each other...yet! So now we want to hear from you. Do you also love the idea of adding a community area to TUXE so we can meet each other, celebrate each other’s successes, and even help making wardrobe decisions?

I think we should build out the TUXE platform to be more than just retail. I want to share video, and workbook content as it relates to women and their ambitions and inhibitions, confidence-boosting techniques, cheerleading, goal setting and perseverance.

Some of the features we would include would be:

* Moderated community forums on the site and on FB for group discussions

* Member spotlights- learning about each other, and cheering for each other. Asking for a raise, submitting a resume, going for an interview, launching a new company...

* Short videos with downloadable workbooks on topics such as finding your purpose, emboldening your confidence, understanding and using your fear, Fulfilling your potential. What topics would you like to see covered?

I am writing to ask if this would be of interest to you. What do you think of building an ecommerce women’s wear site that includes online video content, worksheets, success stories, community and courses? Would that be awesome or just confusing? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for being my reality check!

Tamar Daniel. CEO


Jun 12, 2017

I always love when women support other women. In the spirit of simplification, though, I would echo separating my shopping from my personal/professional ambitions.

Jun 12, 2017

Interesting idea… personally I keep shopping separate from me personal growth and community. It might be confusing.

Jun 08, 2017

While I was reading your post I felt touched by your words and ideas. I feel it’s really what I need. I even feel some passion and yearning to be able to find the goal in my life and to build myself as a strong woman. Once the features will be well established, I and many other women will wait eagerly for new boost of strength and confidence.

I know that often when one makes a new decision one has to sacrifice something, I just hope it will not be on account of your wonderful TUXE bodywear.

If I can express myself as your customer.
I love the shape of your bodywear and the way you designed it that it suits so well women’s body. I would love to be able to buy just the bottom part, as a perfect underwear, that I still didn’t find anywhere.

Thank you for sharing with us your lovely ideas and for listening to us!

Jun 07, 2017

I love your products and look forward to being able to continue supporting you. My honest opinion as a consumer who is a professional and working full time is this … sites with the additional content do not get that type of participation from me. I go on the site to look for appealing products, and to read helpful reviews about whatever I may be interested in. Then I am gone. If there is the occasional feature on say Must Have Looks, inspiration for certain pieces, or other consumers submitting their images in the products I am interested in, I may browse that. Anything above all that adds nothing for me, unfortunately.

Jun 06, 2017

I love this idea! I do think it’s important to keep the shopping fashion/fashion side distinct from the information/ resource side of things. Sometimes a gal just wants to shop for great clothing- and sometimes she needs an kick-ass online forum for working women. Looking forward to seeing what you do next Tamar!

Jun 06, 2017

I like where you are heading but as a consumer I’m more inclined to say that it would be confusing to combine the two. As a former Wolford employee I know the devotees to bodysuits and the challenges to building new clients. Newcomers to bodysuits are often afraid to try but once they see the benefits, they’ll come back for more. I would do two things to expand. 1) Give new clients a 50% discount to try and an additional 50% off if they come back again to buy more. 2) I would partner with a lifestyle blog that you could be a major player in to not only promote all the wonderful things you want to say but build your brand through your voice.

Jun 06, 2017

I think your ideas to expand are great . I love the product and would be interested. But with any business or product the only real evaluation of success is the service that is delivered . There is quite a long delay in your delivery and exchange/return time. i sent something weeks ago and haven’t even heard back. My advice fix the basics and perfect them before expanding !

Jun 05, 2017

I think it is a great idea to empower women and have people share different experiences. This being said, as a mom, after a busy day and wanting to unwind I don’t find myself going on a site/blog. I go on my instagram account and the likes. I feel like if you take your ideas and go live on instagram once a week or so you will have an audience that will gain so much from this.

Brochie Spritzer
Jun 05, 2017

Also a long time customer… while I like where you’re headed here, I can’t see myself participating in forums, watching videos (unless directly tied to the fit of the clothing), or reading member spotlights. I’d get more value from additional shopping options or a blog with styling ideas.

Christina C
Jun 04, 2017

Hmm, I’m in the “just confusing” boat, myself. The concept sounds cluttered, and it probably won’t be great for the flow of the site to have so many things going on. People should be coming to the site to purchase, right? Not to be distracted by forums. And your brand of feminism isn’t actually for me if it’s not intersectional. The models on your site don’t represent all women, so how can I be sure that your content won’t be tailored towards the white, rich, thin, and beautiful? These are my initial concerns; the start-up I work at has suffered from an eagerness to branch out too quickly, and now we’re struggling to reel ourselves back in. Not saying that this will happen to you, but it’s a possibility!

Maura Fertich

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