Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, transparency and fair management practices, trust, respect and co-operation represent the Company’s primary ethical principles – and the essential driving elements that inspire the Company’s conduct. TUXE’s overall goal is to ensure efficient and fair market participation, to improve customer satisfaction and to develop the competencies and the professional growth of the Company’s human resources. All parties and stakeholders associated with the Company, without distinction or exception, are therefore committed to observing and enforcing the principles outlined by the Code as part of their ongoing business duties and responsibilities. This commitment further requires that third parties engaged by the Company in various capacitates, carry out activities and adhere to a similar set of values. 

Codes of Conduct

United States corporations have adopted corporate codes of conduct for a variety of reasons, ranging from a sense of “social responsibility” to pressure from competitors, labor unions, the media, consumer groups, shareholders, and worker rights advocates. The Code of Conduct outlines the commitments and ethical responsibilities that must be observed by all managing Directors, employees and external collaborators while managing the Company’s activities and carrying out business operations.

Child Labor

The term “child labor” generally refers to any economic activity performed by a person under the age of 15. Not all work performed by children is detrimental or exploitative. Child labor does not usually refer to “light work” after school or legitimate apprenticeship opportunities for young people. Nor does it refer to young people helping in the family business or on the family farm. Rather, the “child labor” of concern is generally employment that prevents effective school attendance, and which is often performed under conditions hazardous to the physical and mental health of the child. TUXE is not and will not be part of this practice under any circumstances.

Money Laundering 

It is mandatory that all Addressees of the Code of Conduct presented here comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, both national and international, intended to combat money laundering activities.

Media Relations

All external Company communications must follow principles founded on truth, fairness, transparency and judgement. Media and press relations must comply with the principles outlined in the Code of Conduct presented here, with the overall objective of protecting the Company’s image and reputation.


Transparency reinforces the message of codes and leads to more credible implementation. The TUXE’s managing Directors, employees and external collaborators undertake to provide, within the limits of the powers conferred to them, complete, accurate, adequate and timely information, both within the internal and external scope of the Company. The information in question shall be clear, unambiguous and simple.


TUXE continuously practice four active monitoring models that are being used by U.S companies to their codes of conduct. TUXE actively monitoring Internal, External, Outside Audits and NGO monitoring.


TUXE strongly continues to reach the US market with a great incentive to meet the quality / time requirements of overseas garment manufacturers and to comply with codes of conduct. Examples of corrective measures cited included changes to the physical plant (improvement of bathrooms, eating facilities, lighting, ventilation), monetary penalties, immediate dismissal of young workers, and termination of contracts.

Health and Safety Regulations

TUXE guarantees and is fully committed to the protection of the physical and moral integrity of its employees, guaranteeing working conditions that focus on individual respect and that ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Fairness and Integrity in Supplier Relationships

TUXE will comply with applicable laws and internal regulations in selecting and managing relationships with suppliers. TUXE provides equal partnership to each supplier and applies the principles of fairness and impartiality.

Private Relations

It is strictly prohibited to give or promise monetary compensation or other benefits to directors, executives, and managers responsible for preparing corporate accounting or financial documents, auditors, liquidators, or any individuals subject to the direction or supervision of the latter, belonging and/or associated to the Company or to private entities, agents, franchisees, business partners, certification bodies, consultants, service providers, suppliers in general, intended to influence the individuals in question to act in violation of their duties, in such a way as to cause harm or damages to a third-party company.

Prevention of Cybercrimes

TUXE fully understands the importance of ensuring data and information confidentiality, while also considering the safeguarding of data and information from unauthorized access and the integrity of the same. This requires that all Addresses of the Code of Conduct presented here exhibit the proper and correct behavior, to avoid the falsification of documents, data and/or information, as well as hinder unauthorized access for damaging data, information or computer systems belonging to the Company and to applicable third parties.

Customer Satisfaction and Product Quality Commitment

Customer satisfaction a primary business objective, a key goal that is constantly pursued thanks to the commitment of all TUXE team members and external collaborators to fully actualize and articulate customer needs, especially during sale and post-sale activities. Customer shall be given full and accurate information concerning the products and services provided, to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions. TUXE is committed to communicating with customers in a clear and transparent manner, providing accurate and consistent information concerning the products offered, relying on simple and clear language and treating customers with utmost fairness and respect.

Where can I find additional information?

For more information on the requirements for clothing textiles, contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • Office of Compliance (for specific enforcement inquires): e-mail:; telephone: (301) 504-7520.